Artist Application

ABA2024_Artist Application

Bra Submission Guidelines

Please be detailed in your answers below. Our ability to auction off your art bra, promote you as an artist, and hold a successful event is HIGHLY dependent on the quality and thoughtfulness of your responses. 

You will be asked to complete a bra that fits into one of our four collections (please review these collections in the 'Collection' portion of this application). Please keep this in mind when designing and creating your piece of wearable art.

Please note- for 2024, you are filling out this form to submit a physical bra, not a concept. 

Artist Contact Information

If you are submitting your Art Bra as a group, please provide the names, contact information, and individual photos of all members of your group in the 'Additional Artist' sections below. 

Artist Information

Tell us a little bit more about you!

Work Examples

Please upload any pieces of work that you would like to share with us to showcase your artistry.


This year we are asking our Artists to submit a bra inspired by and meant for one of the below Hollywood genres. Please see the below information on our four collections for Art Bra Austin- Austin's Hollywood Stars:

Action & Adventure:

This collection is a thrilling journey through the world of action and adventure movies, featuring designs inspired by some of the most beloved heroes of all time. This collection is a tribute to the legends of the big screen, and a celebration of the excitement and fun of cinema.

Action & Adventure Movies/Actors & Actresses to consider: 

Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Kate Beckinsale as Selene in Underworld, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Jennifer Lawerence as Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, The Avengers’ Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow.

Other movies for inspiration are Mad Max (any of them), Terminator 1 or 3, X-Men (Storm or Jean Grey), The Matrix (Trinity), Spartacus, Catwoman (Halley Berry). 


Inspired by the glamour and elegance of the golden age of cinema, this collection pays homage to some of the most iconic movie characters of all time. This collection is a tribute to the legends of the silver screen, and a celebration of the timeless appeal of cinema.

Classic Movies/Actors & Actresses to consider: 

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, The Great Gatsby

Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn

Sci-fi & Fantasy:

This collection is a dazzling journey through the world of science fiction and fantasy movies, featuring designs inspired by some of the most memorable and imaginative characters of all time. This collection is a celebration of the wonder and fun of cinema.

Sci-fi & Fantasy Movies/Actors & Actresses to consider: 

Star Wars, Doctor who, Never Ending Story, Wizard of Oz, Conan the Barbarian, and The Hobbit


This collection is a gripping journey through the world of thriller movies, featuring designs inspired by some of the most cunning and captivating characters of all time. This collection is a tribute to the thriller icons of the big screen, and a celebration of the suspense and excitement of cinema

Thriller Movies/Actors & Actresses to consider: 

Aliens, Crimson Peak, Beetle Juice, The Shining, Arachnophobia, Paradise Hills, Edward Scissor Hands, Predator, 13 Ghosts, Stranger Things, Silent Hill

Helena Bonnam Carter, Morticia Addams, Vampire, Elvira, Bride of Frankenstein, Audrey 2, Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), The Girl Gremlin

About Your Art Bra

Please be as detailed and thorough in your answers as possible.

Supporting Materials

Please share any additional materials that will help us understand your design. This could include sketches, fabric swatches, preliminary designs, inspiration pieces, etc.

Artist Agreement

Thank you for your investing your time and talent as an artist for  BCRC's Art Bra 2024. The expectations associated with being an Art Bra Austin Artist are listed below. Please review each statement carefully and include your signature and date at the end to indicate you have read and accepted the terms. We also suggest you download a printable version of this agreement from the Art Bra Austin website and keep it for your records.

Art Bra Austin is the signature fundraiser for Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC), a non-profit organization providing services to Central Texans diagnosed with breast cancer. Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit BCRC, and in turn, individuals throughout Central Texas who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The event and all functions related to it are intended as a benefit.

In order to participate in Art Bra Austin, you must agree to these Rules and Guidelines, which consist of (i) the terms and conditions on these pages; and (ii) the Entry Form. If you are a minor, you must obtain the prior permission of your parent and/or legal guardian, who must agree to these Rules and Guidelines on his/her and your behalf. Submission of an entry in this fundraiser constitutes your agreement to these Rules and Guidelines.

You certify that you understand the application process as outlined below:
1. Completed Art Bras must be submitted and delivered in person, no later than February 28, 2024 @ 5:00 PM. 

2. Works will be considered in-kind, charitable donations, and therefore the property of BCRC. BCRC is a 501(c)(3) and all contributions to it are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. BCRC accepts no responsibility for submissions that are lost, delayed, damaged, altered, mislaid, howsoever caused.

3. All Art Bras that are NOT chosen for the show, have the opportunity to be worn pre-show by BCRC "floor models." Bras that are not used in either capacity must be picked up no later than May 15, 2024.

4. BCRC does not guarantee that the bra that you create will be worn by yourself or an individual you dictate. 

5. Art Bra Austin is a professionally choreographed runway show. BCRC will attempt to remain true to the design intentions of the artist but retains the right to deviate from these conceptions to maintain and/or achieve cohesiveness within the show.

6.  By participating in the fundraiser, you agree and hereby grant BCRC permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and publicly display your submission for any purpose, such as but not limited to, press and media communications, without any compensation to you. You also agree that BCRC may use your name and likeness to administer and promote the fundraiser and any additional promotional events related to the fundraiser. BCRC will hold the rights to any photographs made of the submissions and may use them to create merchandise for sale at a future date. Entrants will not be compensated for the inclusion of their entries in such merchandise.

This fundraiser is governed by the laws of the State of Texas. By participating, you agree to be bound by the terms of these Rules and Guidelines and by BCRC's decisions, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this fundraiser. Each entrant agrees not to act in any manner that might: (i) infringe any third-party proprietary, intellectual property, industrial property, personal rights, or other rights, including without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or confidentiality obligation. To the extent permitted by the law, the right to litigate, to seek injunctive relief, or to any other recourse to judicial or any other procedure in case of disputes or claims resulting from or in connection to this fundraiser are hereby excluded, and you expressly waive any and all such rights.


By submitting an entry to the fundraiser, you agree explicitly that all components of your artwork and supporting statement are indeed original creations. Any intellectual property infringement, misuse, or plagiarism of another's work in any form or state will result in immediate disqualification of the submission from the fundraiser.


All Art Bra Artists are encouraged to fundraise for BCRC through BCRC's online personal fundraising platform. You will be assisted in the creation of this page. BCRC will also provide training and ongoing support to ensure your personal fundraising success. Top fundraising bras for each category MAY have the opportunity to be featured as an additional Live Auction Bra for 2024. All fundraising pages will be created on Artist Kick-off Night- Date TBD. 

You've reached the end! 
Please review your answers and ensure you have completed all of the required fields. Once completed, click the 'Submit' button and a copy of your responses will be emailed to the email address you provided above.

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