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Visual Art:  Designed to represent some of our most eye-catching Pop Art, Surrealism, and other historically renowned artwork in the United States.

Natural History: Representing some of the largest and smallest animals, plants, and ecosystems, their beauty will shine on stage.

Science & Technology:  This collection features a designer wardrobe depicting the digital revolution, inventive twists on past scientific discoveries, and the leaps and bounds we've made in travel and exploration.

Culture:  This collection features cultures from across the world and throughout time. Bringing to life periods from the Roman to Elizabethan eras and showcasing cultures from Native American, Asian, and Mexican descendants.


The art community is critical to the success of Art Bra® Austin. To highlight its importance and showcase the talent and generosity of our artistic donors, we are proud to offer Art Bra® Artists the following promotional opportunities and benefits:

  • Artist Profile on event website, featuring: artist bio/statement, contact information, links to artist’s portfolio and/or other artist-related site(s), and multiple artwork images
  • Recognition and promotion through BCRC’s Facebook and Instagram
  • Celebrated at Art Bra® Austin through dedicated event signage
  • Professional, high-res art bra photos for artist’s portfolio. (Photos available upon request.)
  • Opportunity to be highlighted on BCRC’s various online platforms.
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