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Roles & Responsibilities

The Art Bra Committee Members are divided into sub-committees. Outlined below are the roles and responsibilities of the sub-committees. All committee members are expected to meet with Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) staff regularly. In addition, all sub-committees will work in consistent collaboration with BCRC Staff and are responsive to staff deadlines and requests.

All Event Planning Committee Members commit to monthly meetings.

Creative Committee 
Creative Guide:
Provide overall guidance on event vision, timelines, and planning.
(Position Filled)

Lead Designers:
Conceive the vision for the bra collections, photoshoots, and runway. They are responsible for ensuring that looks are completed, outfits are appropriately fitted, and talent (hair/makeup/photographers) is secured and completed for photoshoots and event day.

Time Commitment: As needed while completing collections, prepping for photoshoots, and for event day.*
(Positions Available)

Apprentice Designers:
Work in collaboration with Lead Designers to complete collections by supporting the construction of additional designs (skirts, wings, etc), jewelry, and tailoring. 
Time Commitment: As needed while completing collections, prepping for photoshoots, and for event day.*
(Positions Available)

*Being a part of the Creative Committee is a rewarding experience but does require an increased time commitment. As a volunteer, we respect and appreciate your time and talent, please speak with the Assistant Director of Development and Special Events if the time commitment becomes excessive.

Model Committee

Model Committee members will act as liaisons between our client/models. Although BCRC will continue to maintain direct contact with models, the Model Committee will take the lead on:

  • Ensuring BCRC Staff receives all necessary paperwork and fees from models. 
  • Motivating models to fundraise by creating and promoting challenges and incentives to encourage reaching and exceeding goals.
  • Coordinating and delivering model thank you gifts.

Writing Committee

The Writing Committee will confidentially review the model and artist applications in order to create bios for pre-and during event collateral. 

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will have a variety of functions that promote fundraising for Art Bra Austin. These functions include:

  • Sponsorship Solicitation: The committee will use collateral provided by BCRC and communicate with BCRC before asks are made to ensure the proper solicitation method.
  • Silent Auction Solicitation: the committee will use collateral provided by BCRC to solicit local businesses and individuals for silent auction items.

BCRC staff will create the appropriate documents to aid in and track solicitation.

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee will work in conjunction with BCRC staff to oversee the recruitment, training, and management of Event Day volunteers. 

Committee Role Selection
Please select the roles you are the most interested in, which 1 being your top choice.

Lead Designer
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Model Committee
Writing Committee
Fundraising Committee
Volunteer Committee

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